What is AI CHI?

AI = harmony (Japanese)
CHI = the earth/ground (Jap.) or in Chinese = universal life energy
AI CHI means in the widest sense „the harmony of energy“.

AI CHI wants to support the nature and individuality of human beings by the use of therapeutic touch. Because of it´s Japanese tradition, the practice takes place on a futonmat, which is placed on the floor. Working on the floor gives AI CHI a special depth and intensity.

The Japanese art of massage AI CHI is a particular expression of movement and touch. Through the use of the correct technique at the correct time at the right place, each person finds out a better access to his sources of energy.

AI CHI combines and expands a variety of elements from different methods of energetic bodywork. My practice includes:

Shiatsu, the Japanese meridian massage
Rwo Shr Footreflexzology Massage from Taiwan
Cranio Sacral Osteopathy
Visceral & Structural Osteopathy
Seiki Soho, the Japanese method from Akinobu Kishi Sensei
Shin Tai/Shiatsu, founded in the late 80´s by Saul Goodman

Every occurance in the universe follows the movement of CHI and strives to generate harmony (AI), this is also true for the human being. CHI is the energy in the human being, which is there from the moment of conception until the end of life. This CHI determines the physical, emotional and mental constitution. This is the philosophy of the Asians since millennia. For example: Personality means „character of the CHI.“ Illness is called, „CHI is ill” (noteworthy: it is not called, „the body is sick or has a disease”).

The universal lifesource CHI appears in the energylines (meridians), which flow through the connective tissue of the body. CHI appears also in the movements of the brain and spinal cord fluid. Further CHI aspects are the movable nature of muscles, nerves, lymphatic- and bloodvessels, organs, joints and bones.

The AI CHI practitioner knows and recognizes the different levels of the CHI and movements. He can follow it, distinguish it and produce or restore the natural order. Harmony (AI) originates through conscious touch, balancing movement and right breathing.

Do you feel, you are not thriving in the present? Part of your energy is afraid of the future. Another part lives in the past.

AI CHI is free from judgment, division and manipulation. It supports the free flow of the CHI in the human body and promotes a greater level of performance and selfhealing. Acceptance and stillness create a free space to communicate. Lie down on the earth and become quiet. Enjoy the touch. The body becomes softer and more flexible, also the spirit is calmer. Emotions, inner pictures and dreams can come and go.

The „harmony of the energy“ is experienced by each person differently. AI CHI lets the character and the talents become clearer and more evident. The given circumstances offer new challenges for the personal growth process. The natural joy of life increases. This supports the promotion of health. The human being learns to create a new feeling of life, there is increased flexibility, the spirit becomes quieter and clearer – this is AI CHI.

Explaining AI CHI in words is difficult. Words can describe only parts and deliver the theoretical background. AI CHI needs to be experienced.

Practice – Contracts – Prices

If you would like to arrange a meeting or inquire about AI CHI, please call 09621/420914 or send an eMail. First contact over the telephone makes sense, then questions can be clarified better in direct conversation. Business hours: Monday – Friday – 8.00 a. m. to 8.00 p. m. – by appointment.

Prices: An AI CHI session lasts about. 75 min. (bodytreatment = 60 min. + 15 min. changing clothes, conversation and relaxing time after the treatment) and cost 60,- Euro

Home Visit is possible:
Kümmersbruck, Haselmühl, Lengenfeld = 70,- Euro
Kümmersbruck outside – within an 10 Kilometer Circle (for example Amberg, Raigering, Krumbach, Gärmersdorf, Moos, Engelsdorf, Paulsdorf, Gailoh, Lengenloh, Speckmannshof, Schäflohe, Bernricht, Neubernricht, Immenstetten) = 80,- Euro
Outside of Kümmersbruck – more than 10 Kilometers until 20 Kilometers (for example Area Vilseck) = 100,- Euro
If you live further away, the price must be adjusted accordingly.

A series of single sessions (one or two times per month) is recommended, because the positive effects build up and create a sense of continued wellbeing.

Would you like to treat someone special to an AI CHI treatment? Give a gift certificate for a friend or family member for an AI CHI treatment. To purchase gift certificates:

1. Send an eMail.
It is necessary that you give me your post address and your telephone number, as well as the full name of the person, which the gift certificate is presented to. Within one or two days you’ve got it in your mail box.

2. Call me by phone (09621/420914)

3. In person directly at Gartenstraße 28, 92245 Kümmersbruck. This is the easiest way, because you can pick up the gift certificate directly and pay in cash. Plese call me before.